Land of the Dragon – ‘Gwlad y Ddraig’

A visually and emotionally arresting piece of 5* theatre suitable for young and old alike.

These are puppets – but not as you know them.



**** 5 STARS from The Stage   “this enthralling epic reaches wonderful denouement.” –

Lose yourself on an enchanting puppetry adventure through time, landscapes and legends into the world of the Welsh Dragon!

Encounter magical creatures, mythical stories and spellbinding tales from Wales in this exciting new piece of puppet theatre inspired by folklore, legends and ancient stories from the Welsh book of fairy tales, The Mabinogion.

Award winning PuppetSoup take you to the edge of your seat and the brink of your imagination, where wise men are grown from witch’s cauldrons and dragons really do exist.

For children, families and kids of all ages!

( Suggested 5yrs+ – Suitable for all languages )

We look forward to seeing you on tour in 2015!

Our advisor, Dr Gwilm Morus, has produced a lovely website,, which goes into much detail about the many wonderful Welsh tales, legends and myths. He also offers online courses which delve much deeper into the fascinating details of these beautiful stories.

Our story is a mixture of a number of stories from the Welsh book of fairy tales, the Mabinogion. Technically a collection, it is comprised of eleven stories some of which date from the Iron Age. Originally related verbally, later it was written down and then finally translated from its original Welsh to English by Lady Charlotte Guest around 160 years ago. The name is actually not a correct translation, but was where Lady Guest mistakenly thought Mabinogion was the plural of Mabinogi.

Here are some of the words, places and people you’ll get a flavour of in the show:


There are at least two stories about the red and white dragon in Welsh culture. In one story the red and white dragon are fighting, and in the other story they are trapped in a mountain and make a King’s castle fall down!


Ceridwen’s cauldron of “Awen”, which means poetic inspiration, is used to perform her magic.

Wise men in Wales!Dynion Doeth yng Nghymru!

There are many wise men in Welsh tales including Merlin from the King Arthur stories, Saint David the patron Saint of Wales, and Taliesin the first Story Teller or Bard.


Ceridwen in Welsh legends was an enchantress or witch. She sent away to sea a magical child. This baby was rescued on the shores of Wales and grew to become Taliesin the Bard.


The sad story of Gelert is one of the most famous Welsh tales. A man leaves his faithful dog guarding his baby. While he is gone, a wolf attacks and the brave dog defends the child. When the man returns, he sees the wolf blood on the dog and mistakenly thinks the dog has hurt the baby. He slays the dog with his sword, only to later find out that the baby was safe and well.